Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Use Terraform to serve Azure Container Service (ACS) orchestration platforms

Azure Container Service (ACS), provides a unique approach to managing containers in the cloud by offering a simple way to scale containers in production through proven open source container orchestration technology. Combining Azure Container Service (ACS) with Terraform allows for greater flexibility and control of the infrastructure plane.

This post is all about this, introducing the terraform-azurerm-acs project.

The terraform-azurerm-acs project is a Terraform module to deploy ACS orchestration technologies  (i.e. DCOSKubernetesSwarm) while provisioning the minimal infrastructure required for them in a controlled and flexible way.

For more information on how to use it along with examples if you please the terraform-azurerm-acs repository.

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  1. The module can successfully submitted, it can be found at